Biometric and fingerprint time and attendance systems provide the ultimate means of validating an employee's presence and identity. TC-1 and TimesheetPlus integrate with a wide selection of quality biometric devices that verify identity via hand, fingerprint or iris.

  • Hand Punch GT-400

    The latest hand punch model available, the GT-400 offers biometric time and attendance data collection by establishing a direct database connection. New features in this device include DHCP, QVGA display, 6x user capacity, increased memory and much more.

  • Hand Punch

    Top-of-the-line biometric time clock, this device proves you get what you pay for. The Hand Punch registers each user's unique "hand geometry."

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  • Accu-Time Systems Maximus

    A fully interactive time clock in a durable and sleek die-cast aluminum casing. Available input options include biometric fingerprint, barcode, mag-stripe, and proximity.

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  • ZKT4 Fingerprint Time and Attendance Terminal

    This fingerprint time and attendance data collection device eliminates buddy punching by requiring biometric identification for clocking in/out, opening doors, accessing safes and powering machinery.

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  • TouchClock 100

    This touch screen device can utilize access cards, PINs and fingerprint identification for the collection of time and attendance data.

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  • Panasonic Iris Scan

    This device identifies people by the unique patterns in the iris of the human eye. Its false acceptance ratio is outstanding: 0.001% to 0.0001%.

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