Time and attendance software for universities, schools, educational centers and other learning facilities.

Thriving academic institutions must resourcefully manage labor costs, as payroll is generally their largest expenditure.  With 45 years of experience in staffing and labor management, we have helped numerous universities and schools fulfill their workforce management needs. Attendance, scheduling, certification/skill tracking and seamless time entry options allow your organization to focus on what really matters: education.

Why academic institutions choose Datamatics:
  • Absence management (with online/mobile time off requests)
  • Accurate tracking hours of labor for state and federal reports
  • Automated enforcement of union and institutional rules
  • Certification and skill tracking
  • Compliance tracking and reporting
  • Reports for union workers' milestones
  • Rolling calendars that accommodates summer breaks and school vacations
  • Simple/advanced scheduling modules
  • Student attendance tracking and reporting

If you would like to learn more about how Datamatics can help your academic institution, call 800.673.0366 or fill out this form to request a software demo.