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5 Ways to Improve Your Workplace Culture

Work. It’s something we all have to do to survive in today’s costly culture, where everything has a pretty price tag attached to it. Earning a living is an essential part of being a productive adult in society, whether you are a teacher or a technician, an accountant or an advisor, a plumber or the president of the United States.

Yet, the environment we work in can have a big impact on not only how effective we are at our jobs, but also how much we enjoy what we do and the quality of work we turn out. When we work in an atmosphere that facilitates communication, efficiency, encouragement, and collaboration, our morale as employees and our efforts as staffers improve. At the same time, an environment of negativity, dissatisfaction, resentment, and dread will make us work less, complain more, and overall support a business of inefficiency and poor quality.

So, what is the key to creating a workplace culture that supports success? Are there ways to improve the quality of life for employees so that they, in turn, work harder and work happier? The answer, of course, is a resounding yes.

Creating a positive workplace culture will facilitate a more content company labor force that will contribute to a healthier and more successful business in the long run. How, then, is it possible to improve workplace culture? Here are a few easy steps any professional operation can take to enhance its working atmosphere.

Recognize and Reward

When an individual works hard, their efforts show. Yet the simple actions of a company’s recognition of these efforts can have a major impact on the business overall. In fact, companies that utilize frequent rewards of outstanding work have been statistically proven to decrease overall turnover rates. This could mean an astounding 31% reduced turnover rate, which, in turn, could mean big bucks for your business. Labor management services and workforce forecasting can help support a recognition-rich culture that contributes to an increase in morale.

Encourage an Employee’s Voice

Allowing employees access to insights into the operations and intentions of a business makes staffers feel more connected to their work and more content as a result. Encouraging all employees to share their ideas and input – and incorporating some of those ideas into major decisions – creates a collaborative atmosphere that invites communication, one of the cornerstones of a successful business.

Communication and Collaboration

A successful business, no matter how big or how small and no matter what industry they work in, always operates with fluid lines of communication in operation. From the bottom to the top, entry-level employees to the company CEO, it is absolutely critical that a business builds an environment of open communication and support collaboration between all levels. This will not only make for more success and increased profitability, but it will also make for a happier, more harmonious workforce.

Offering Flexibility

The contemporary work environment is vastly different than it was fifty years ago. From advances in technology to the increased amount of personal commitments that we have as individuals, being a working professional today is much more complicated and complex than ever before. Companies that understand this and work with their individual employees in a flexible, one-size-does-not-fit-all mentality prosper as a result.

Most employers can afford a single mom a few hours off due to an emergency or allow a long-distance commuter the opportunity to work-from-home. With the help of improved human resources software, simple efforts like these can make for a much improved workplace culture.

Embrace Employee Autonomy

When employers give credit to their employees and enable them to work independently, an atmosphere of competency and success can thrive. No one likes to be micromanaged, and when staffers are afforded the autonomy of working without being constantly criticized and redirected, it subsequently gives them the sense that they are fully capable of the job and tasks at hand. This improves their contentment on the job. Trust that employees are efficient and they will likely prove you right.

For more tips on how to improve workplace culture and encourage a positive company morale, read through the FMLA guidelines for employers and talk directly with employees to see how they believe the workplace culture can be improved.

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