Since 1966, Datamatics has provided software and services to better manage your workforce productivity. Surely our success cannot be accredited to pure luck. (Want proof? Our office plays the lottery every week and has never won more than seven dollars!) We believe our success comes from these principles that influence each and every decision we make.

Time saved is thousands of dollars earned.

time savedA company’s number one capital expense is most likely its workforce. We have spent the last thirty years developing software and services that allow organizations to control payroll costs while simultaneously enhancing productivity. This is a science. It is more than simply hanging a time clock on the wall and tracking hours worked. It is an appreciation that every single minute is potentially worth tens of thousands of dollars. Think about it. If each of your employees improves his or her productivity an average of one minute per day, that translates to six hours each year. If you have 1,000 workers, earning an average of $10 per hour, that minute is worth $60,000 to your business. Our skill is finding ways to make those minutes accumulate – giving our software and services a value and ROI that cannot be matched.

Capitalize on your Strengths

Time and attendance, the most critical aspect of Human Capital Management, can be generalized as ‘managing your labor assets’ but it includes many critical aspects: attendance tracking, absence management, scheduling, job costing, and pay rule configuration are just a few. Unfortunately, many organizations continue to be deceived by vendors looking to expand revenue. These vendors describe time and attendance as an added service providing clients with a simple electronic timesheet and offering minimal, if any, technical support. We realize the value of time and attendance, and have spent the previous three decades cultivating our craft. Our clients can be assured they are managing every aspect of employee time in the most effective way possible.

We like to think our 98% year-over-year client retention rate is proof that we’re on the right track.

No two organizations are alike.

It’s a simple concept, but we’re reminded of it every single day. What works for one business might not work for another, even if both are in the same industry. We see software vendors pushing toward standardization of best practices, and it’s not because this serves their clients best. It is because it’s what’s easiest for them. We take the opposite approach. We offer software with an emphasis on configuration and customization. This allows your organization to utilize a complete solution that can be specifically molded to fit your unique pay practices, company culture, business needs and operational goals.

Software functions best when its users have competent training and responsive support.

We give you the advanced tools and set them up to accommodate every need and specification. Then what? The only way to experience real value is if you fully understand how to use those tools, and how all their different features can be best applied to your organization. Fully training and supporting our clients is what we do best. It’s why you always reach a live individual when you call our Help Desk. It’s why we hold live, interactive webinars to answer your questions. It’s why we have stayed in business since 1966 and still work with organizations that have been using our software for the past three decades.

Improvement means finding better ways to reach your goals.

goals-Accurately track employee work time
-Reduce employee and managerial time spent on timekeeping and payroll tasks
-Automatically comply with government and union regulations
-Quickly deliver insightful business metrics and workforce analytics

These goals haven’t changed much in the past thirty years, but we certainly have adapted to better reach them. Creating new processes that leverage new technologies has allowed us to become more accurate and more efficient. We don’t just use the latest technologies because they sound cool and look sleek. We use them because they further improve the procedures that we’ve mastered.