Biometric and fingerprint time and attendance systems provide the ultimate means of validating an employee’s presence and identity. Our software integrates with a wide selection of quality biometric devices that verify identity via hand or fingerprint.

Schlage Hand Punches

With a biometric time clock, you can feel confident that you are getting exactly what you pay for. The Hand…

ATS – Prodigy

With its ideal balance of performance, function, and affordability, the ATS Prodigy is the new essential for efficient workforce management….

ATS Maximus

Designed for the most demanding of business needs, the ATS Maximus provides such options as field upgradeability, customizable keypad and…

ZKUS10C Fingerprint Terminal

With bardcode, mag stripe, or proximity card reader options, the US10 offers biometric capabilities all in a single, simplistic design….

Kronos InTouch

Looking for a unique user experience that will transform the way your employees interact with your company’s workforce management system?…