Writing employee schedules can be challenging. Datamatics can help you avoid headaches, boost your team’s productivity, and lower costs with our software.

How to Avoid Headaches When Creating Employee Schedules

Scheduling employees can become a nightmarish jigsaw puzzle. Between split shifts, requests for time off, last minute changes, messy handwritten timesheets, and more, getting your hours covered could seem downright impossible. Fortunately, creating successful schedules doesn’t have to be difficult if you use the right digital technology. At Datamatics, we’ve spent the past five decades helping businesses enhance their human resources management. Since 1966, numerous companies have utilized our innovative tools and techniques to optimize their productivity and tap into the full potential of their workforces. We’ve been there since the beginning of many technologies modern HR departments take for granted, so we understand what works. In the following blog, we explain how to avoid headaches when writing employee schedules.

Recognize Why Employee Scheduling Matters

While most understand what a hassle it can be, many managers and executives don’t recognize the significance of employee scheduling. Getting your workers organized and on their shifts matters because:

  • Labor is likely one of your most important (and likely misunderstood) overhead costs. Both overstaffing and overtime could lead to overspending in this area. Making the most of your employees’ hours can lower your expenses and thereby grow your profits.
  • The more time you spend on scheduling, the less availability you have for other productive tasks.
  • Proper scheduling can help you satisfy your customers. Putting your employees where you need them can improve your service.
  • Failing to comply with union regulations and labor laws could get you into major trouble.

Take Charge of Your Timetables

Rather than just coping with your employees’ schedules, you can avoid the inconvenience of improper scheduling by becoming proactive about it. Datamatics offers a wide variety of dynamic, automated management services so you can stay in control of every aspect of your HR, including your company calendar. We’ll help you implement streamlined systems to improve your workflow, from hiring to payroll and everything in between.

Pen and Paper Won’t Cut It

Back in the old days, you might have spent hours penciling in shifts and fussing with handwritten agendas. Nowadays, these outdated methods simply won’t do, especially if you have a particularly large workforce or complex schedule. Digital spreadsheets can help you arrange and adjust schedules with the click of a button. A computerized calendar can help you automate the numerous processes associated with scheduling to save you time, energy, annoyance, and money.

Our Scheduling Solution

In the past half-century, Datamatics has seen many scheduling systems come and go, so we’ve gotten ours down to a science. We began with our installed timesheet software, TC-1. Since the rise of the Internet, we’ve taken this system to the Cloud with Timesheet Plus, our web-based scheduling program. This scheduling solution allows you to:

  • Easily find gaps in your calendar and fill them so you can maximize productivity and keep your staff on track.
  • Stay compliant with labor laws. The system automatically knows these regulations and prevents you from violating them.
  • Remotely share important scheduling information with your employees via computers and mobile devices using the Cloud. This keeps your team accountable and makes communicating with them simple.
  • Match employees’ specific skill sets and preferences to your timesheet needs.
  • Integrate scheduling with other HR operations from our management software suite.
  • Access and analyze reports about prior schedules to highlight areas for improvement. These assessments can reveal opportunities to better budget resources and boost productivity.

While these multifaceted functions are great, Datamatics is constantly searching for ways to further upgrade Timesheet Plus. To that end, we’ll soon be adding two new features. Our updated system will:

  • Let employees sign up for, modify, adjust, transfer, and otherwise arrange their shifts to improve their morale and motivation. Our software will allow workers to control their calendars without making your schedule a mess.
  • Create call lists of employees to adapt to those unfortunate but inevitable unforeseen scheduling changes. If an employee calls in sick or cancels at the last minute, our system will be able to generate a list of qualified workers who can temporarily take his or her place.

Datamatics Can Help You Avoid Headaches

Scheduling isn’t always simple, but it can be much easier with the right software. Contact Datamatics today to find out more about Timesheet Plus and our other digital HR management solutions.

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