There are many steps involved in helping new hires get started with your company. Here are a few strategies to make your new employees feel welcome.

How to Make New Employees Feel Welcome

There are many steps involved in helping new hires get started with your company. You might not necessarily cover FMLA guidelines for employers on the first day, but you’ll have to deliver a lot of information, and new employees can find this overwhelming and stressful.

How can you make the process easier? It’s not like your human resource software can tell you the best way to make new employees feel welcome.

Luckily, a little forethought and common sense can go a long way. With proper planning and processes in place, you can streamline the introductory experience and transition new hires into their positions seamlessly. Here are a few strategies you may want to implement.


There’s more to welcoming new employees than giving them handbooks and showing them to their desks. Onboarding is the process of helping new employees integrate with your company, your culture, and their teams.

This generally starts with introductions to supervisors and coworkers. Try not to overwhelm them with too many introductions on the first day. Stick to the people they’ll work with most and let the rest come naturally in the course of their work.

Also important is to help new hires understand how they fit into the company culture. Inclusion is essential to team-building, so help your new hires understand how your company operates and the role you see them playing as part of the group.


HR analytics software can help a company to spot problems in the workforce, but this won’t necessarily apply to new hires. If you want them to feel at home from the get-go, pair each new employee with a mentor in the beginning. New hires are more likely to integrate and succeed if they have a knowledgeable veteran to guide them.

Welcome Party

Introducing a new employee to coworkers in the middle of a busy workday is perfunctory at best and disruptive at worst. You don’t need human resources software to tell you that.

Perhaps an informal setting is a better way to get the ball rolling and make new employees feel welcome. A good option is to bring a new employee in on a Friday. Spend the day focused on introducing him/her to the job and the company, and then host a party of some sort for a more casual meet and greet with coworkers.

This will give everyone time to chat and get to know the new hire without the distraction of phone calls, emails, and looming deadlines getting in the way. Employees can interact on a personal level, welcoming your new hire properly and in a more memorable manner.

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