Datamatics Management Services, Inc. has the vision, experience, knowledge, tools, and professionalism to provide your organization with the workplace solutions it needs. Through our expertise, we have developed software applications that will effectively and efficiently streamline your human resource, time and attendance, scheduling, and payroll needs. In your ever-evolving industry, you need a partner who can provide accurate and personalized workforce applications, so you can focus on your core business. We will assemble, categorize, and utilize your important workforce data, which will allow you to make critical decisions on important business elements. Let us focus on human capital management, so you can focus on profitability and productivity.

Dynamic Solutions

To begin, Human Resource related tasks can often be arduous and time consuming. Using our dynamic solutions will help you organize the process from beginning to end. We can help you address human resource elements such as Onboarding, Benefits Management, Regulation Compliance (such as FLSA, FMLA, and ACA), and Performance Management. Your employees are your most valuable asset and using our human resources solutions will ensure they are properly and seamlessly managed.

Automated Processes

Once you have hired the proper workforce, it is necessary to manage their time and attendance and their work schedules. Improper scheduling and attendance management can lead to a host of issues including overscheduling a shift, costly overtime pay, and even litigation. To avoid the human error element, we have automated many of the problematic processes. Our time and attendance programs and our scheduling applications will provide your company with the necessary tools to manage the calendar of your workforce.

Intuitive Programs

When employees have completed their seamlessly created shifts, the next step in the process is Payroll. Of particular importance when it comes to payroll is accuracy and timeliness. Employees need to be paid the correct amount, within the correct time frame. Any deviation can lead to negative consequences for your business. With our intuitive programs, the complexity is taken out of the payroll process. The taxes and deductions that once brought complication and frustration will now be a thing of the past.

No matter what workforce problem you are presented with, Datamatics can provide the solution. We excel at designing customized solutions to meet the needs of your unique business. Whether you prefer cloud computing or on-site installation, we will work to meet your needs. Whatever your long-term goals may be, Datamatics will provide you with unparalleled customer support throughout the process. As your business evolves, our services will evolve with you.