Take Total Control Over Access Rights to Doors, Safes, Machinery and Equipment


Datamatics offers an advanced Access Control / Security Access module that manages employee access rights and monitors the opening of doors and safes, as well as the operation of machinery and equipment.

With its real-time event notifications, exceedingly thorough reporting and foolproof biometric integrations, Datamatics provides the ultimate protection for your business assets, employees and customers.

All of these powerful features and functions can be controlled remotely, from any location, using our ultra-secure application.

A Sample of Custom Solutions Designed by our Developers:

  • Biometric Identification: Verify identify, guarantee accuracy, dramatically reduce risk, and restrict theft.
  • Protection: Secure access to any location you deem necessary including your stockroom, cash room, pharmacies, drug cabinets, or executive offices. Protect employees and customers from injury by controlling access to potentially hazardous machinery and equipment such as balers, compactors, forklifts, powerlifts, and freight elevators.
  • Configurable Security: Design simple and complex security levels to suit your needs. Grant access for specific time and days. Access can be revoked instantly and remotely, if necessary.
  • Time calculation: Create rules to accommodate special point (merit/demerit) systems, grace time and rounding
  • Push Notifications: Alert key individuals immediately via text or e-mail if an important event occurs. Events are extensively configurable, giving you the ability to create triggers that make sense for your unique environment, engineering and security protocols.
  • Reporting: Know what happened, where it happened, when it happened and for how long it happened. All data available in real-time.
  • Operate Remotely: Control access rights and view events from any internet-enabled location using the proprietary, ultra-secure Total Control application.
  • Reduce Hardware: The only hardware needed is the biometric/RFID reader.