Affordable Care Act Management Solutions

In March of 2010, President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act (the ACA) into law. It was the first major change in our nation’s health care system since the introduction of Medicaid and Medicare in 1965. Because of its novelty, the decision left many business owners, managers, and executives scrambling and wondering what the finding meant for them. The dense new legislations meant that businesses would now have to comply with yet another set of complicated regulations.

Furthermore, if the regulations are not strictly complied with, it may lead to financial penalties for the business. As a result, manual reports and basic spreadsheets are typically not enough to provide accurate results necessary for compliance with ACA regulations.

In the midst of these complex healthcare changes, Datamatics has created advanced, accurate, and thorough solutions to help your organization comply with the ACA’s requirements. Using our human resources, time and attendance, scheduling, and payroll solutions, we can help your business manage your ACA compliance strategies. We will collect, organize, and utilize your workforce data to ensure ACA regulations are fulfilled.

Our expert team members will train you in the use of our unparalleled technology and will help you remain in compliance as your business changes, grows, and evolves. Our robust reporting systems will ensure that you have the proper tools to remain in compliance and ahead of the curve. If there is ever a change to the current ACA legislation, you can be sure that Datamatics will provide you with the necessary information and technological updates.

With our advanced applications, you can manage and view the hours worked by employees across the board, including full time and part time workers. Our system will also provide the essential information on employment benefits and enrollment.

If there is ever a question of ACA compliance, or if the information is necessary for accounting purposes, your business can provide extensive reports using our programs and applications. Furthermore, with our systems, producing and filing 1094-C and 1095-C forms is a breeze.

While complicated legislation is ever changing, with Datamatics, you don’t have to carry the burden of compliance on your own. We can provide a variety of personalized options that will fit the unique nature of your company and its industry. Our experts will ensure that you are trained with our ACA Compliance Manager, and will provide support with all your workforce needs. Our programs and systems are designed to let you focus on what really matters, your core business and its profitability and productivity.