Automate and Improve Unique Policies and Processes With Custom Enhancements

Every organization has their own set of unique rules that govern employee work, schedules, and pay. Datamatics’ time and attendance software systems are engineered with extensive configuration options to accommodate these rules. We know from experience, however, that some organizations are so unique that they require very specific configuration, integration, and data collecting methods. With these unique time and attendance systems, organizations can realize stratospheric value. Datamatics excels at tailoring these elements for our customer’s needs. Our talented software developers can customize a system to the specific nature and requirements of your industry.

A Sample of Custom Solutions Designed by our Developers:

  • Integrate with a non-standard data collection device
  • Custom integrations with third-party systems (HRIS, MES, ERP, Payroll, etc.)
  • Create pay rules to accommodate special rates, pay periods and shift differentials
  • Construct time calculation rules to accommodate special point (merit/demerit) systems, grace time and rounding
  • Design benefit policies to accommodate special entitlements and seniority/work requirements
  • Customize reports with unique export capabilities
  • Customize enhancements based on specific system events
  • Automate the enforcement of special HR, union or government requirements