Web-based Payroll Solutions

Datamatics offers a unique, robust web-based application that simplifies your entire payroll process. This application ensures accuracy and provides in-depth reporting options. Our payroll system is intuitive and easy to use for a range of basic and complex scenarios.

By performing calculations as you go, you are able to monitor payroll in real-time, while eliminating the lengthy task of traditional pre-processing. With this program, you can also generating a complete set of more than 60 exportable reports. When accuracy counts most, a robust tax engine handles time-consuming tasks. The system offers automated multi-state and reciprocity calculations and a local tax jurisdiction locator suggests applicable taxes. Furthermore, self-service functionality empowers your employees to manage several of their payroll-related tasks, such as direct deposit accounts and tax information.

System Highlights:
• No Traditional Pre-processing
• Security Profiles
• Quick Payroll
• Geospatial Tax Identification
• Reciprocity Automation
• Calculations as You Go
• Robust Reporting

Payroll Solutions as Advanced as Your Payroll Requirements

Simplicity is at the core of our payroll application. The application offers self-service workflows for employees, managers, and payroll administrators to handle many tasks across the functional spectrum.

Application Features:
Security Profiles give you the ability to customize unlimited levels of access, which is particularly important when it comes to sensitive payroll information. Payroll administrators can view and edit information while the HR team has access to view-only capabilities.

Quick Payroll makes processing payroll a breeze, especially for smaller companies. Quick Payroll links are easily accessible through the navigation bar. Once a link is selected, the payroll entry screen allows the user to enter data into a spreadsheet-like screen for easy data entry, review, and submission.

Geospatial Tax Identification is a tool that obtains information directly from local taxing authorities. The tool uses the precise geographic coordinates of an employee’s residence and work address to accurately depict the local taxes that apply.

Calculations as You Go puts an end to the payroll waiting game. No pre-processing steps are needed to preview pay statements for employees prior to finalization. This feature provides statements and essential reports in real-time, without the need to conduct traditional pre-pay processes.

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Robust Reporting

There are more than 60 built-in standard reports and users can also create custom reports. Quick Links allow users to swiftly navigate between the most popular reports.

• The General Ledger report provides records, including earnings, taxes, and deductions, that are linked to the proper GL code, determined at setup.

• The Payroll Register is the main payroll report that is generated with each payroll processing. This report includes all earnings, taxes, and deductions for all employees in a specific pay period.

• The Payroll Recap and Funding report is also compiled during each payroll processing. This report generates the total dollars and summary breakdown of where funds were spent for that pay period.

Marketplace Add-Ons

This application comes with specialized add-ons within the Marketplace. These powerful tools, enabled for an additional fee, help further streamline business processes and increase security. These add-ons include:

• eBenefits Network is a service that automates benefit enrollment data exchange. Benefits deductions and other changes to payroll data are made automatically within the application.

• Help reduce security risk by requiring users to input a unique password and RSA token code before being granted access to the application.

• The workforce management dashboard offers a suite of intuitive, visual reports and useful tools designed for senior and executive team members.