Leverage Our Unique Expertise

In addition to powerful software and time entry devices, Datamatics offers its clients a strong set of professional services that leverage our unique expertise.

Datamatics has been in the Time and Attendance industry for three decades. Throughout this time, our company has gained extensive experience and knowledge. As such, our process for implementation, training, and ongoing support is unmatched.

Our technical expertise allows us to offer time clock diagnostics in order to handle troubleshooting and repairs of data collection hardware.

Datamatics also employs legal experts and university professors, providing our clients with unique access to valuable timekeeping audits and HR training workshops.

Solutions Configured to Your Exact Specifications

Your application specialist will have a full understanding of your unique needs, and will configure the software to properly accommodate elements such as pay periods, pay calculations, cost centers, schedules, and timekeeping rules.

Once our specialists have configured and implemented your solutions, Datamatics will then train your designated system administrators on how to best utilize the system’s features and functionality.

We are always open to explore new configuration options with our clients. We strive to suit the evolving needs of our customers and their organizations. Our expert staff is available to consult with you about potential changes, along with setting up “what-if” scenario system testing.