The Ability to Choose, Mix and Match

Virtually any time clock or data source can be easily integrated using our electronic time and attendance software systems. Because of the varying work environments that can exist within a single organization, our software allows you to collect time and attendance data using different clocks to accommodate multiple schedules.

  • Biometrics – When looking to verify an employee’s identity using an electronic attendance system, Biometrics is the best technological choice.  Learn More.
  • Card Readers – Card reading software that is compatible with bar code ID cars, RFID/proximity, and magnetic stripe.  Learn More.
  • Other Options – In addition to Biometric and Card Readers, we offer several other options for collecting time entry data. You can use our mobile app (available for both Apple and Android platforms), Interactive Voice Response (IVR) by telephone or virtually any desktop, laptop or tablet computer. Learn More.

Talk Data Collection with Datamatics

If you are considering switching to our time clock software, please be aware that there is a good chance we can integrate with the clocks you already own. One of our sales representatives can advise you about keeping your existing hardware in order to eliminate additional hardware expenses.

For more details or questions on our hardware/software data collection options, including pricing, Contact Us.