1. Experience – Our history of excellence – since 1966 – manifests on-going client satisfaction and demonstrates continuous commitment by the thousands who use our software.

2. First Class Support – We take pride in having the friendliest, most experienced client support team in the industry – and have the testimonials to prove it.

3. Flexibility with Variety – Installed locally on your premises via client server or SQL or via the cloud with our web-based SaaS solution.

4. Open Database Structure – Easy access and seamless transfer of data to other databases.

5. Diverse Client Base – From a dozen employees to several thousand; white to gray to blue collar – we’ve worked with a range of industries and solved the specific challenges for each of them.

6. Modular & Scalable – Various functionality and users are easily added or deleted without the need for onsite technical support.

7. Easy to Use – In most cases, your payroll manager or HR manager is the administrator of the system. We make it easy for them to use but are always available if they run into something they can’t quite figure out.

8. Improved compliance – Automation methods that provide accuracy and clean audit trails with no room for bias.

9. Hardware Neutrality – Our solutions work with countless devices from several major manufacturers. Change hardware at anytime and use devices in combination without any conflict.

10. Forward Thinking Approach – One of the reasons for our incredible client retention rate is that we never stop providing superior improvements.

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